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Geschichten in englischer Sprache
Stories in English language


Aeriel - Admara - Alraune - Ceng - Deona Lindholm - Foxfeather - Katrin - Kelara/Anastasia - Ma'hal - Ma'ri - Sky - Snooty - Sujen - Veria - Yvory/Kiwi


Die folgende Liste enthält alle in dieser Bibliothek veröffentlichten englischsprachigen Werke.
The following list contains all English stories and poems published in this library.


  • Aeriel

    • To learn to hope   [English]
      Some things are said without words. When an epidemic befalls both species, William Boone puts his own life at risk to convince Da'an to never give up even when all seems lost.
      [Setting: Missing scene from 'Infection' / Characters: Boone, Da'an, (Dr. Belman, Sandoval)]
    • The taste of the wind   [English]
      Ma'el makes a decision.
      [Setting: Ireland / Characters: Ma'el]
    • Troy   [English]
      Da'an visits the resistance headquarter.
      [Characters: Liam, Augur, Da'an]
    • Calculations   [English]
      Da'an and Liam have a talk.
      [Setting: sequel to ‘Troy’ / Characters: Da'an, Liam]
    • Blackbird   [English]
      Da'an and a bird.
      [Characters: Da'an, the bird, William Boone]
    • Seven Years   [English]
      The Jaridians are coming
      [Characters: Da'an, Liam, Jaridian soldiers]
    • Shade of Insanity   [English]
      The fate of a human
      [Characters: Da'an, Ne'eg]
    • Through Your Eyes   [English]
      Da'an brings trouble for Liam, at Christmas.
      [Characters: Da'an, Liam]

  • Admara

  • Alraune

    • And daily greets Liam   [Englisch]
      Groundhog Day - Taelon Style
      [Characters: Da'an, Zo'or, Liam, (Sandoval, Renee, Balvak, T'than, Mit'gai, several volunteers, members of the Synod)]
    • Fallen Angel   [Englisch]
      Da'an faces a threat which he can only avoid by commiting suicide. Afterwards some people get a surprise
      [Characters: Da'an, Zo'or, Liam, (Augur, Miriam)]
    • Easing the Loneliness   [Englisch]
      Liam's long life and his loneliness.
      [Setting: several years after the series / Characters: Liam]
    • Listening   [Englisch]
      Nothing is ever as it seems. And everything is possible.
      [Setting: several years after season 5 / Characters: Boone, Da'an, Zo'or and Bel'lie]

  • Ceng

    • Energy transformation   [Englisch]
      While Zo'or continues analyzing Ma'el's relict, a mysterious experiment is realized in a parallel world.
      [Setting: forth season / Characters: Zo'or, Liam, Da'an, T'than, Mit'gai, Dr. Sarah Fince, Ben Bring, Paul Bring, Mitch Samsons]
  • Deona Lindholm

    • Emotion   [English]
      When a Taelon takes a human's emotions, he gets more than he bargained for. Just what is in his mind as he puts things to rights?
      [Setting: During “Essence” / Characters: Da'an, Liam)]
    • Meeting in Moonlight: Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4   [English]
      Mere days after arriving on Earth, an unexpected meeting between a human and a Taelon begins a much larger story.
    • London Ladies:   Chapter 1 - Chapter 2   [English]
      During the events of “Meeting in Moonlight”, four young girls in London undergo testing as Songcrafter candidates.
      [Setting: Aftermath of Silent Falls meltdown / Characters: Elizabeth and Catherine Marks, Anna Newkirk, Abigail Kingsfield, An'or, Quo'on]

  • Foxfeather

    • She's All I Ever Had   [Englisch]
      Sandoval listens to a special song
      [Setting: Second season / Characters: Sandoval, DeeDee]
    • Celtic Dreams   [Englisch]
      Da'an decides to visit the Taelonists and Ma'els Laboratory
      [Setting: Second season, after “Bliss” / Characters: Da'an, Lili, Sandoval, Ma'el, (Liam etc)]
    • Aldrin   [Englisch]
      A special guest appears in the embassy
      [Setting: Second season / Characters: Da'an, (Lili, Liam, Zo'or, Sandoval) & Aldrin]
    • A Universal Language   [Englisch]
      An old friend of Da'an comes for a visit
      [Setting: Second season / Characters: Da'an, Qa'vra, Lili, (Liam, Augur)]
    • Captivity   [Englisch]
      When Da'an is send back to the Taelon homeworld something unexpected happends
      [Setting: second season, after “Crackdown” / Characters: Da'an, Lili, (Augur, Liam, Zo'or)]
    • The War   [Englisch]
      The Jaridians come to Earth
      [Setting: “The War” is a sequel to “Captivity” / Characters: Da'an, Lili, Zo'or, (Liam, Sandoval, T'than)]
    • Fragments I: Da'an & Lili   [Englisch]
      Da'an and Lili spend some time together
      [Setting: this story is a sequel to “The War” / Characters: Da'an, Lili, (Zo'or)]
    • Fragments II: Sandoval   [Englisch]
      Sandoval ist ein wenig verwirrt / Sandoval experiences some confusion
      [Setting: this story is a sequel to “The War” / Characters: Sandoval, (Da'an, Zo'or, Lili)]
    • Fragments III: The Beach Party   [Englisch]
      Zo'or and Dru celebrate their birthdays on the beach
      [Setting: this story is a sequel to “The War” / Characters: Da'an, Zo'or, Lili, Liam, Augur, Sandoval, Qa'vra, Dru etc.]
    • The Demon   [Englisch]
      EFC meets Buffy   Crossover!
      [Setting: Second Season / Characters: Da'an, Liam, (Zo'or, Sandoval and the whole Buffy crew)]
    • Collectors   [Englisch]   co-written with Kelara/Anastasia!
      this story is a sequel to “The War”

  • Katrin

    • Worthless life   [Englisch]
      Why Zo'or hates T'than
      [Characters: Zo'or, T'than]
    • Too late   [Englisch]
      very sad
      [Setting: forth season / Characters: Da'an, Zo'or, (Liam, Sandoval)]
    • Why?   [Englisch]
      Zo'or reproaches Da'an
      [Characters: Zo'or, Da'an]
    • Mourning   [Englisch]
      Mourning for a dead child
      [Setting: after ‘Phantom Companion’ / Characters: Liam, Da'an]
    • Fragile Heart   [Englisch]
      Story based on the song “Fragile Heart” by Westlife
      [Setting: first season / Characters: Boone, Da'an]
    • There will always be a sunrise   [Englisch]
      Da'an tells Boone something personal.
      [Setting: first season / Characters: Boone, Da'an (Quo'on)]

  • Kelara/Anastasia

    • Da'an's Guilt   [Englisch]
      Da'an thinks about his past and the one of his race
      [Setting: second season / Characters: Da'an, (Zo'or, das Gemeinwesen/the Commonality)]
    • Accidents Happen   [Englisch]
      Renee and Zo'or have to face the consequence of their ‘little accidents’, named Ki'ra
      [Setting: at the beginning of the third season / Characters: Renee, Zo'or, Kyra, (Sandoval, Da'an)]
    • Mo'rel   [Englisch]
      Liam starts to change
      [Setting: at the beginning of the third season / Characters: Liam, Da'an, (Renée, Augur, Dr. Belman, Zo'or)]
    • Our symbol of hope   [Englisch]
      The past of the Taelons, could it have been like this? An idea after watching “The Fields”
      [Characters: Da'an]
    • Collectors   [Englisch]   co-written with Foxfeather!
      this story is a sequel to Foxfeather's “The War”

  • Ma'hal

    • Ka'arpaaj   [Englisch]
      Da'an meditates
      [Characters: Da'an, Zo'or]
    • Silence   [Englisch]
      Da'an's thoughts while looking at a destroyed planet
      [Characters: Da'an, T'than]
    • Time has come   [Englisch]
      Do you know this feeling, when you hear a song and you associate situations, pictures etc with it...?

  • Ma'ri

  • Sky

    • A day with Zo'or   [Englisch]
      Zo'or decides to learn more about humans
      [Setting: third season / Characters: Zo'or, Sky, (Sandoval, Ma'hal)]

  • Snooty

  • Sujen

    • Candles in the wind   [Englisch]
      A story about Beckett's death and the thoughts and feelings it evokes in herself, Sandoval and Liam
      [Setting: second season, parallel to the events of the episode “Redemption” / Characters: Siobhan Beckett, Sandoval, Liam]

  • Veria

  • Yvory / Kiwi

    • Stars of Hope   [Englisch]
      Some thoughts concerning the end of season 4
    • Ni'et and the Russian Ambassador   [Englisch]
      Sometimes Taelon names can confuse people
      [Characters: Ni'et, the Russian Ambassador, Liam, Da'an]
    • Magic Eyes   [Englisch]
      Under Earth's full moon strange things can happen
      [Characters: Liam, Zo'or]
    • Afterglow   [Englisch]
      [Setting: continuation of “Magic eyes” / Characters: Liam, Zo'or, Da'an]
    • Trust   [Englisch]
      Poem referring to “Afterglow”
    • Oh, what a night!   [Englisch]
      Liam gets drunk, with unexpected consequences
      [Characters: Liam, Da'an, Sandoval, Zo'or]


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