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Geschichten in englischer Sprache
Stories in English language


Admara - Alraune - Ceng - Deona Lindholm - Foxfeather - Katrin - Kelara/Anastasia - Ma'hal - Ma'ri - Sky - Snooty - Sujen - Yvory/Kiwi


Die folgende Liste enthält alle in dieser Bibliothek veröffentlichten englischsprachigen Werke.
The following list contains all English stories and poems published in this library.


  • Admara

  • Alraune

    • And daily greets Liam   [Englisch]
      Groundhog Day - Taelon Style
      [Characters: Da'an, Zo'or, Liam, (Sandoval, Renee, Balvak, T'than, Mit'gai, several volunteers, members of the Synod)]
    • Fallen Angel   [Englisch]
      Da'an faces a threat which he can only avoid by commiting suicide. Afterwards some people get a surprise
      [Characters: Da'an, Zo'or, Liam, (Augur, Miriam)]
    • Easing the Loneliness   [Englisch]
      Liam's long life and his loneliness.
      [Setting: several years after the series / Characters: Liam]
    • Listening   [Englisch]
      Nothing is ever as it seems. And everything is possible.
      [Setting: several years after season 5 / Characters: Boone, Da'an, Zo'or and Bel'lie]

  • Ceng

    • Energy transformation   [Englisch]
      While Zo'or continues analyzing Ma'el's relict, a mysterious experiment is realized in a parallel world.
      [Setting: forth season / Characters: Zo'or, Liam, Da'an, T'than, Mit'gai, Dr. Sarah Fince, Ben Bring, Paul Bring, Mitch Samsons]
  • Deona Lindholm

    • Emotion   [English]
      When a Taelon takes a human's emotions, he gets more than he bargained for. Just what is in his mind as he puts things to rights?
      [Setting: During “Essence” / Characters: Da'an, Liam)]
    • Meeting in Moonlight: Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4   [English]
      Mere days after arriving on Earth, an unexpected meeting between a human and a Taelon begins a much larger story.
    • London Ladies:   Chapter 1 - Chapter 2   [English]   NEW: Chapter 2
      During the events of “Meeting in Moonlight”, four young girls in London undergo testing as Songcrafter candidates.
      [Setting: Aftermath of Silent Falls meltdown / Characters: Elizabeth and Catherine Marks, Anna Newkirk, Abigail Kingsfield, An'or, Quo'on]

  • Foxfeather

    • She's All I Ever Had   [Englisch]
      Sandoval listens to a special song
      [Setting: Second season / Characters: Sandoval, DeeDee]
    • Celtic Dreams   [Englisch]
      Da'an decides to visit the Taelonists and Ma'els Laboratory
      [Setting: Second season, after “Bliss” / Characters: Da'an, Lili, Sandoval, Ma'el, (Liam etc)]
    • Aldrin   [Englisch]
      A special guest appears in the embassy
      [Setting: Second season / Characters: Da'an, (Lili, Liam, Zo'or, Sandoval) & Aldrin]
    • A Universal Language   [Englisch]
      An old friend of Da'an comes for a visit
      [Setting: Second season / Characters: Da'an, Qa'vra, Lili, (Liam, Augur)]
    • Captivity   [Englisch]
      When Da'an is send back to the Taelon homeworld something unexpected happends
      [Setting: second season, after “Crackdown” / Characters: Da'an, Lili, (Augur, Liam, Zo'or)]
    • The War   [Englisch]
      The Jaridians come to Earth
      [Setting: “The War” is a sequel to “Captivity” / Characters: Da'an, Lili, Zo'or, (Liam, Sandoval, T'than)]
    • Fragments I: Da'an & Lili   [Englisch]
      Da'an and Lili spend some time together
      [Setting: this story is a sequel to “The War” / Characters: Da'an, Lili, (Zo'or)]
    • Fragments II: Sandoval   [Englisch]
      Sandoval ist ein wenig verwirrt / Sandoval experiences some confusion
      [Setting: this story is a sequel to “The War” / Characters: Sandoval, (Da'an, Zo'or, Lili)]
    • Fragments III: The Beach Party   [Englisch]
      Zo'or and Dru celebrate their birthdays on the beach
      [Setting: this story is a sequel to “The War” / Characters: Da'an, Zo'or, Lili, Liam, Augur, Sandoval, Qa'vra, Dru etc.]
    • The Demon   [Englisch]
      EFC meets Buffy   Crossover!
      [Setting: Second Season / Characters: Da'an, Liam, (Zo'or, Sandoval and the whole Buffy crew)]
    • Collectors   [Englisch]   co-written with Kelara/Anastasia!
      this story is a sequel to “The War”

  • Katrin

    • Worthless life   [Englisch]
      Why Zo'or hates T'than
      [Characters: Zo'or, T'than]
    • Too late   [Englisch]
      very sad
      [Setting: forth season / Characters: Da'an, Zo'or, (Liam, Sandoval)]
    • Why?   [Englisch]
      Zo'or reproaches Da'an
      [Characters: Zo'or, Da'an]
    • Mourning   [Englisch]
      Mourning for a dead child
      [Setting: after ‘Phantom Companion’ / Characters: Liam, Da'an]
    • Fragile Heart   [Englisch]
      Story based on the song “Fragile Heart” by Westlife
      [Setting: first season / Characters: Boone, Da'an]
    • There will always be a sunrise   [Englisch]
      Da'an tells Boone something personal.
      [Setting: first season / Characters: Boone, Da'an (Quo'on)]

  • Kelara/Anastasia

    • Da'an's Guilt   [Englisch]
      Da'an thinks about his past and the one of his race
      [Setting: second season / Characters: Da'an, (Zo'or, das Gemeinwesen/the Commonality)]
    • Accidents Happen   [Englisch]
      Renee and Zo'or have to face the consequence of their ‘little accidents’, named Ki'ra
      [Setting: at the beginning of the third season / Characters: Renee, Zo'or, Kyra, (Sandoval, Da'an)]
    • Mo'rel   [Englisch]
      Liam starts to change
      [Setting: at the beginning of the third season / Characters: Liam, Da'an, (Renée, Augur, Dr. Belman, Zo'or)]
    • Our symbol of hope   [Englisch]
      The past of the Taelons, could it have been like this? An idea after watching “The Fields”
      [Characters: Da'an]
    • Collectors   [Englisch]   co-written with Foxfeather!
      this story is a sequel to Foxfeather's “The War”

  • Ma'hal

    • Ka'arpaaj   [Englisch]
      Da'an meditates
      [Characters: Da'an, Zo'or]
    • Silence   [Englisch]
      Da'an's thoughts while looking at a destroyed planet
      [Characters: Da'an, T'than]
    • Time has come   [Englisch]
      Do you know this feeling, when you hear a song and you associate situations, pictures etc with it...?

  • Ma'ri

  • Sky

    • A day with Zo'or   [Englisch]
      Zo'or decides to learn more about humans
      [Setting: third season / Characters: Zo'or, Sky, (Sandoval, Ma'hal)]

  • Snooty

  • Sujen

    • Candles in the wind   [Englisch]
      A story about Beckett's death and the thoughts and feelings it evokes in herself, Sandoval and Liam
      [Setting: second season, parallel to the events of the episode “Redemption” / Characters: Siobhan Beckett, Sandoval, Liam]

  • Yvory / Kiwi

    • Stars of Hope   [Englisch]
      Some thoughts concerning the end of season 4
    • Ni'et and the Russian Ambassador   [Englisch]
      Sometimes Taelon names can confuse people
      [Characters: Ni'et, the Russian Ambassador, Liam, Da'an]
    • Magic Eyes   [Englisch]
      Under Earth's full moon strange things can happen
      [Characters: Liam, Zo'or]
    • Afterglow   [Englisch]
      [Setting: continuation of “Magic eyes” / Characters: Liam, Zo'or, Da'an]
    • Trust   [Englisch]
      Poem referring to “Afterglow”
    • Oh, what a night!   [Englisch]
      Liam gets drunk, with unexpected consequences
      [Characters: Liam, Da'an, Sandoval, Zo'or]


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