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  „The Adventures of Applepie - The Strange Fourleggy” by Veria   (for Email address see author's page), Dezember 2017
All persons mentioned in this story are property of the owners of Earth: Final Conflict (Tribune Entertainment Co., Lost Script Prod. Inc., Atlantis Films and VOX). Please don't publish this story without permission of the author.
Summary: A strange encounter for a cat.
Characters: Her, the long-furred twoleggy

Note:  This story is part of the Adventskalender 2017.




It was warm and cozy inside the twoleggy lair. She could see that outside it was wet and foggy, likely it was cold as well. It was a strange thing though that it was never cold inside. The twoleggies gave her as much food as she wanted, she never went hungry again. She had also found many nice places to sleep, including on the hind legs of the furless twoleggy while it gently ran its front paws over her fur. Quickly she had decided that this furless twoleggy was her twoleggy. It cleaned the little patch of sand in a shallow pit whenever she stood next to it and demanded it cleaned.
Unfortunately even this very considerate twoleggy was quite dumb, it obviously only guessed most of what she told it. There was much instruction still needed.
It was worse with the other twoleggies. The long-furred twoleggy was of course very nice, it gave food and gently touched her, but it was very slow-witted. While she always told it what to do in an excessively precise way it often still did not understand and resorted to giving food or running its paws through her fur. The short-furred twoleggy that at first she had met as a floating see-through twoleggy was absolutely stupid, since it always only tried to give her food when she clearly asked for something else. It did clean the little patch of sand from time to time, but only when the furless twoleggy told it to.
This at least made it clear for her that the twoleggies had no problems talking to each other. Unfortunately their noise was so primitive she only understood some of it.

She did not move even a bit as the long-furred twoleggy came in, she just opened her eyes a bit. The twoleggy came closer, then it sat down and softly touched her head with a paw. “I have a present for you.” Its other paw dug in the wrap-around-thing and pulled out a dead little fourleggy, it gave it to her and waited for a reaction.
She didn't quite know, what to do with that little fourleggy. It smelled of nothing, she certainly couldn't eat it, it wouldn't taste good. It was already dead so she couldn't hunt and kill it. Why had the twoleggy given it to her?
Carefully she nudged it with a front paw. The twoleggy seemed happy with her reaction.
Well, maybe she could behave as if the little fourleggy still was alive. She would toss it and hunt after it, this could even turn out quite funny. She hadn't had a good hunt in quite a while.
But the twoleggy quickly took it away and put it down on the ground. And then the little dead fourleggy moved all by itself, and it made very strange noises.
She had thought it dead! It obviously wasn't. But why hadn't it moved before? Why did it smell of nothing? She quickly jumped after it, it turned and she slithered past it on the smooth ground. It took a bit of effort to regain control, but then she rushed after that strange fourleggy again. Where would it turn? A good hunter was able to anticipate prey movements. Maybe here?
She changed direction and reached her prey, she captured it with her front paws. It did struggle in a way, but it was very unusual. It made the same noises as when moving, but it only slightly vibrated. And still it smelled of nothing, why wouldn't it smell of fear or pain?
She let go, it moved again and she jumped after it and tossed it with her paw. The little fourleggy flew through the twoleggy lair and landed on its back near the sand patch. It still made the same noise.
She cautiously went closer. It was a really strange fourleggy since its little legs didn't even move. The noise was still there though and there was something on the fourleggy's hard belly, these little things looked a bit like legs but they were round. She nudged the little fourleggy, it just slithered a bit but showed no sign of fear or pain. Very strange.
The long-furred twoleggy now quickly grabbed the little fourleggy and gave her a big tasty ball instead. She quickly ate it, and then the twoleggy ran both its front paws through her fur. It seemed obvious the twoleggy didn't want her to eat the little dead fourleggy.
It didn't matter now. She simply pretended she had hunted the tasty ball, and it had been quite fun indeed. She dropped her body to the ground and showed her belly, which the long-furred twoleggy then obediently and very gently scratched.




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