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  „Shade of insanity” by Aeriel   (Email address see author's page),   November 2016
All persons mentioned in this story are property of the owners of Earth: Final Conflict (Tribune Entertainment Co., Lost Script Prod. Inc., Atlantis Films and VOX). Please don't publish this story without permission of the author.
Summary: The fate of a human
Characters: Da'an, Ne'eg




‘The brain will be most useful, however we plan to exploit other parts as well; heart and liver in particular. It is most beneficial that we have encountered...’ Ne'eg paused for a moment as if searching for words, ‘the subject again. If granted the consent of the Synod I will be ready to present the analysis of the cerebral cortex in approximately two hours.’

‘The Synod accepts your report and supports the continuation of the project. You may proceed,’ stated Quo'on whose image was displayed in the data stream. They shared the Taelon greeting and as Ne'eg waved his hand, the transmission ended. The last remaining particles of the data stream glimmered in the pulsing light of the bioslurry before they disappeared completely.

Ne'eg tilted his head to one side as he turned his gaze towards the figure that was standing in front of the virtual glass. ‘You seem dissatisfied with our decision, Da'an.’

‘I am,’ the diplomat replied without turning around. He slowly touched the virtual glass and its pink-violet particles dissolved, letting in fresh autumnal wind. The approaching evening had long encircled the human city in twilight and only the ever-watchful street lanterns dared to resist it.

‘This is an exceptional project,’ the scientist continued quite puzzled, ‘I assure you. I intend to supervise the experiment myself. If you choose to be present at the next Synod meeting, you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with immediate results.’ Ne'eg waited for an answer but none came. Hesitating at first, he finally walked up to where the virtual glass had been glimmering. ‘I truly do not comprehend your objections,’ he continued, ‘Considering your position as the North American Companion, I should presume you to be the most active supporter of all Earth-based projects.’

‘Your subject,’ Da'an finally turned towards the other Taelon, ‘I chose to sustain his life to have the opportunity to grant him freedom. I did not choose to sustain his brain or the heart; or the liver. He was to be given a new life.’

Ne'eg blinked. ‘That is most curious. The Synod has not informed me. Was he to come in service of the Companion Security?

’No. I intended him to live as an ordinary human,‘ Da'an answered, feeling the scientist’s suspicious gaze on him.

‘For what purpose?’

Da'an remained silent for a while, trying to form a satisfactory answer, but could find none. However noticing the other Taelon‘s gaze still upon him, he decided to continue the conversation.

’Do you not feel the wrong of it?‘

’I do not follow your pattern of thought,‘ Ne'eg admitted, waving his hand. For a moment he gazed at the city of Washington in the distance as if considering something, but dismissed the thought with a sigh. ’I see I cannot convince you at the moment, yet hopefully tomorrow I will be able to present you with partial results of the experiment and you will see this project in a more... favourable light.

This said, Ne'eg made a Taelon greeting and turned to leave.

Da'an did not answer the greeting. With a single touch of his hand he re-activated the virtual glass: behind the purplish glimmer human world seemed... different. Yet perhaps it was only his perception. He was well aware of where it led to.


He knew. He foresaw the time when his brethren should speak of him when he could not hear. Silent whispers, suspicions not openly stated yet thought of, accusations he could neither accept nor deny. That feeling of certain things being wrong would bring the decay of his life.

He felt. They did not.

Nothing less and nothing more than that.

It was a slight difference; yet the boundary between a human and a number of internal organs bound by nerves, muscles, veins and skin would never cease to nibble at his peace of mind. And one day he would kneel in the shade of insanity before beings of light pointing their fingers at him, judging him worthless.




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