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Geschichten von Aeriel




  • To Learn To Hope   [English]
    Some things are said without words. When an epidemic befalls both species, William Boone puts his own life at risk to convince Da'an to never give up even when all seems lost.
    [Setting: Missing scene from 'Infection' / Characters: Boone, Da'an, (Dr. Belman, Sandoval)]
  • The Taste of the Wind   [English]
    Ma'el makes a decision.
    [Setting: Ireland / Characters: Ma'el]
  • Troy   [English]
    Da'an visits the resistance headquarter.
    [Characters: Liam, Augur, Da'an]
  • Calculations   [English]
    Da'an and Liam have a talk.
    [Setting: sequel to ‘Troy’ / Characters: Da'an, Liam]
  • Blackbird   [English]
    Da'an and a bird.
    [Characters: Da'an, the bird, William Boone]
  • Seven Years   [English]
    The Jaridians are coming
    [Characters: Da'an, Liam, Jaridian soldiers]
  • Shade of Insanity   [English]
    The fate of a human
    [Characters: Da'an, Ne'eg]
  • Through Your Eyes   [English]
    Da'an brings trouble for Liam, at Christmas.
    [Characters: Da'an, Liam]


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