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  “Afterglow” by Yvory/Kiwi   (for the email address see the author's page)
Disclaimer:  All persons mentioned in this story are property of their respective owners. Earth: Final Conflict belongs to Tribune Entertainment Co., Lost Script Prod. Inc., Atlantis Films and VOX. Please don't publish this story without permission of the author.
Setting:  continuation of “Magic eyes”
Characters:  Liam, Zo'or, Da'an
Dedicated to Melanie Thornton, a wonderful singer, who died in a plain crash on November 24th 2001 in Switzerland in her early thirties. The lyrics are taken from her song ”Love how you love me”




Emotions flitted here and there between the two people gathered on the veranda of the wooden cabin in the endless seeming Alaskan woods. The party guests had not taken notice of the enormity that had happened, oblivious to the fact that not simply one, but two, glowing figures stood under this moon together, one blue-purple and one green-white in colouring. Green glowing arms still enfolded the blue one holding his hands.

Zo'or was content, maybe for the first time in his entire life. His back was warmed by the body-heat of his companion. He felt himself warmed both from inside and out, something that had never played a role before in his life, especially now that his kind was on the verge of extinction. This closeness was intoxicating. There was nothing more than the touch of body and mind, but still he felt more real than ever before. He had delved into human emotions by several different means but that he himself was capable of such feelings was... unbelievable.

What am I gonna do
What am I gonna say
Laying in the afterglow
You took my breath away
I can't believe it
I dream of you

Liam understood much more now that his Kimera side had finally resurfaced. Now he was happy that it had. He understood that Zo'or had suffered for over a half a year from the recurring and sometimes violent fits of his reproductive cycle. Tonight had been a more violent day for him, but he had set up his mind that nobody would notice not even Da'an. But on the balustrade in the presence of Da'an's protector he had been taken by surprise by the strength of the Ka'ath'am hitting him with full power. Liam Kincaid, he of all people had been witness of his weakness. Shame had ruled him beside from the Ka'ath'am. Two strong arms had caught him winding around his torso, when he had fallen. Zo'or had cried out internally not to touch him, but no sound had emerged. He had been paralysed. He hated to be touched especially by a human who could not keep his thoughts and emotions to him- or herself. Humans also disrupted the energy flow of a Taelon. They were not able to control their own low energy levels and sent ripples through the Taelon's body like a single drop into a calm lake. It was an absolutely unpleasant experience and very distracting though not life-threatening.

How could I ever hope
How could I ever pray
Looking to the stars above
Now that we found a way
I can't believe it

Whatever that touch had done to Liam, his true nature had come through. In a maybe suicidal effort to help Zo'or, he had revealed himself as a Kimera. One of the true blood, but still the last and the first of his kind. In some ways he and Zo'or had more in common than the Taelon had known. Sensing his thoughts Li'am hugged him even closer, as if he never wanted to let go of his new mate again.

Zo'or was satisfied and for the first moment in months the Ka'ath'am was not hanging over his head like a Damocles sword. It was not for long, he knew, but he made up his mind to enjoy every minute of this freedom. His energy flowed correspondingly to Liam's. They were in sync at the moment and this was what made the touch so pleasurable. The lack of interference between two partners was the easiest to bear for a species that consisted mostly of energy.

*Not many would dare to do this.*

The memory of Agent Sandoval flying through the air drifted over the link into Li'am's mind.

*You could have done this to me, too, if you had desired it so.*

Zo'or felt the laugh in his mate's chest before it emerged from his lips. With his head still resting on Li'am's shoulder he could sense the chuckle rumble in his chest. The vibrations rippled pleasantly over his body.

“You could have stopped me before we formed the bond. I did not force myself on you. You were strong enough to deny me access to your mind. So why did you not stop it before you lost your freedom to me? We both had the choice.”

“Maybe I realised I did not wish to live alone for my remaining life and that this might be the best chance I ever get.”

Li'am sobered, his light playful mood after their bonding ended with a pang.

“So this was the only reason why you took what I offered? You were just taking the second best, because you thought there was not going to be a better chance?”

The green eyes lost some of their brightness. Zo'or felt grave disappointment drifting through the link between them. The warm feeling at his back disappeared. Li'am's hand withdrew from his and he felt the loss of contact very strongly. The green glow died down. The finally awakened Kimera closed himself off again, drew his energy back into his human shell taking a step away from the one he was now bonded to; The one he had chained himself to if Zo'or really had only thought of this as an opportunity to take advantage of his youth and inexperience. He had thought Zo'or to be decent just this time. He crossed his arms over his chest. His energy core was once again covered and invisible to human and Taelon eyes. The disguise was perfect. No one would know he was different until Da'an's Protector chose to reveal himself.

Li'am realised for himself that he felt a great deal for Zo'or which could develop into far more if given time and mutual interest from the subject of those emotions. He turned his back to the Taelon to conceal his sadness and shock over this revelation. He certainly dreaded the answer and hoped for a negative reply to his question at the same time.

“Li'am.” The new intonation of his name made him shiver, it was full of implications he felt he did not have the strength to deal with right now.

Hesitantly Zo'or stretched out his hand. It was difficult for him to break through his self-induced conditioning of not touching anyone, but this was something he wanted, yes, even if it was very hard to admit, needed so badly and he had no desire to ever feel this alone again. He had spent a thousand human years waiting for this so untaelon-like emotion Liam had expressed once before in their first and only sharing, their bonding. He had just never known what he had waited for until now.

I remember all my life
Waiting for someone like you
Searching for a paradise
Everything I found in you
I can't believe it
I dream of you

A hand on Liam's arm forced him to turn around with a strength he had never surmised in a Taelon.

“It was not my intention to upset you. I fear I can only articulate my feelings inadequately. I hid my emotions so long it is hard for me to find the right words. I do not feel like you are second best. The trust between us is fragile I know this and the situation is new for both of us.”

The only indication that Zo'or himself was upset showed in the fast motion of his free hand and the rather firm way he still clung to Li'am's arm. Hope dawned in deep green eyes. He held out his hand palm up. The red Shaq'ara'va mark stood out on the pale skin.

“Then why not take the shortcut?”

Zo'or tilted his head and smiled the first true smile Li'am had ever seen from him. This time without hesitation the young Taelon raised his hand and placed it against the offered hand, palm to palm. They closed their eyes. Both hands began to glow again and the two figures blushed as their minds and thoughts entwined again, then there was no doubt about each others wishes and intentions towards their bonding. Their thoughts were lost in each other's mind as the sharing grew still deeper.

* * *

“I fear being bonded does not save us from misunderstandings.” Zo'or stated later.

Li'am did not answer, there was no need to. The Synod Leader did not really expect an answer.

The moon was still up, brightly burning in a dark starlit sky. Aside from his green glowing eyes there was no indication that Li'am was not totally human. He leaned onto the railing and stared at his mate. There was no other word to describe it better. The Taelon had abandoned his facade again and now showed his true form. The moon above, the woods at his back and the snow gave the young alien Companion an ethereal look. Bright pathways, travelled by energy, glowed beautifully in the dim surroundings, reflected by white snow. He was a breathtaking view. But Zo'or did not stand out, there under the light of Luna, the only moon this planet possessed. He seemed to belong. Li'am wondered himself why he had not seen his beauty ever before, although he had worked for the Taelons for almost 2 years now.

Zo'or's being filled with pleasure, feeling Li'am's enjoyment of his appearance. How much changed sometimes in the wake of only a few hours. If someone had told him in advance about the occurrences he would have thought the messenger was making fun of him.

Faint red tones on the horizon already heralded the dawn of a new day.

“It is time to go back in, we should not return together to the party. This would attract to much attention.”, Zo'or announced. For now they wanted to keep their relationship a secret.

The facade flashed back in place. His head was slightly tilted. Still a small smile lay on his lips.

Li'am blinked and shook his head slightly, smiling.

“What is it?”

“I just wondered how much you resemble Da'an in this pose. Ridiculous I know.”

“No, Li'am. It is not ridiculous at all. I am his child though no human knows of this.”, an amused smirk was on his face, not one of his mean ones. His eyes had already started to gleam in this beautiful magical and ethereal blue again.

Zo'or left his stunned mate behind to return to the party.

I can see it clearly now
You're the one to guide my way
Take away the falling rain
Now there is a brighter day
I can't believe it

* * *

Da'an watched the setting moon outside the window, while the horizon slowly foretold the rise of the sun by colouring the dark sky with purple and red. He had not seen neither Liam nor Zo'or for some hours. They had disappeared after each other. Liam had left the party very soon. He was in a dark mood lately. Zo'or had lingered on the outer areas of the party, answering to those who spoke to him but making no move to start a conversation of his own. His child had always shied away from huge assemblies of people especially so with humans. Da'an had not seen him leave. A reflection in the window showed Zo'or re-entering the large room. He walked over to the older Taelon. To Da'an's eyes the younger Taelon's facade looked less firm than hours before. He saw the stronger energy pathways showing through. An indication Zo'or was going to need a rest soon. A few minutes later Da'an glanced over to the door again. Liam had opened the door and he looked much more serene. A smile played around the corners of his mouth. His eyes seemed a little brighter. He scanned the room until his eyes caught a glimpse of the Taelons.

“Major, are you alright?”

“Yes, Da'an, I never felt better. I only wanted to ask if you also have the wish to leave. I saw many of the guests entering the guest rooms”, he looked around, ”and it seems the party is almost over.”

It was not Da'an, who answered.

“Yes, please prepare the shuttle we will depart soon.”

“Yes, Zo'or.”

The young Protector turned make the preparations for their departure. While he walked to the door Da'an saw him tilting the head to the side as if someone only he was able to hear talked to him.

The smile on Liam's face broadened.




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