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  “A Sad Birthday” by Snooty   (for the email address see the author's page)
Disclaimer:  Earth: Final Conflict © 2000, Tribune Entertainment Co., Lost Script Prod. Inc., Atlantis Films and VOX. Please don't publish this story without permission of the author.
Setting:  sequel to “The Room A Child Needs”
Cast:  Zo'or, [Da'an]
Author's comment:  It is the same Zo'or as in “The Room A Child Needs”




There was no light left save that of the stars.

Zo'or took a deep breath, his day had been unbearable as always. He had to deal with stupid unworthy human diplomats, had to listen to the flow of complaints from Thompson (someone with no more character than a snake), he had to withstand the quarrels caused by some Synod members, and the reports had tolled that the Jaridians were unexpectedly near to the blue planet which the entire taelon race believed it would provide the best chance to survive, in one way or another.

But neither of that was the reason that Zo'or had unintentionally dimmed his body light so that the stars were the only source of light in his room, in his heart, and in his life. He was upset, and like a little child he showed, unnoticed to himself, that sign of sadness.

One single tear rolled down his cheek. He had expected that everyone would ignore him, his special day. He was too old so no one would bother to congratulate him on his birthday, not even the members of the communality who hadn't separated themselves for some sanctuary of mind didn't bother to send just a single mental note. The humans didn't know about his special day, and it was special for him indeed.

It was the day his parent has taken him and his beloved older sibling to a tour to some minor colony. Minor in it's worth for strategy or raw material but spectacular in it's nature highlights especially for some curious children living on an almost devastated planet.

Both children had loved from all the wonders this place hold for them most the great canyons and the two waterfalls. The sun always produced a rainbow in the small water drops which had departed from the major stream.

The tear dropped down to the ground, no longer the only one but followed by many others.

Da'an had forgotten his birthday. Or had he decided to ignore him totally for now? Zo'or could sense his thoughts only as a faint whisper, so had his parent again sought the loneliness of the humans? Or at least the state near to it he could reach without endangering himself or someone else?

Zo'or clenched his fists and withdrew from the cold light shimmering through he virtual glass.

He had a task ahead and no time for such stupid emotions!

He went to his chair to sit down only to stop in his motion seconds before he lowered himself down. What was that? And how had it been placed here?

Carefully he took the small parcel in his hands. It was wrapped in silver blue paper and a ribbon was placed upon it. A smile crossed his face. And slowly he started to unwrap his birthday present.

Down on earth Da'an listened to the thoughts and sensed the emotions of his child. He had been quiet for the last three hours, only to ensure nothing would escape his attention.

The stars, the soothing entirely same friends during his whole live, let their light fall through the great panorama window...




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