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  “Trust” by Yvory/Kiwi   (for the email address see the author's page)
Disclaimer:  All persons mentioned in this story are property of their respective owners. Earth: Final Conflict belongs to Tribune Entertainment Co., Lost Script Prod. Inc., Atlantis Films and VOX. Please don't publish this story without permission of the author.
Poem referring to “Afterglow”




I gave you a part of my soul tonight,
You surrendered a part of yours to me instead.
Bound together, not through chains
but by stronger ties.

Ties that can only be broken by death,
each of us had a choice
and we both made it.
It's final. It's absolute.

What one feels,
the other feels, too.
Much is shared,
also things we may not
be ready to share yet.

How is our future going to be?
Will we have to run and hide
when They find out?
Or will we be welcomed
with open arms?
We will soon know.

Until then we will watch the stars,
forge a bond even closer than we have now.
I still do not really know you,
and you feel the same way about me,
I can feel it.

But is this not,
what always takes the most time?
To get to know each other?
Everyone fears to open up,
baring his soul before an other,
in fear to be disappointed,
to be betrayed,
to be stabbed in the back?

But what good is it to hide your feelings on the inside,
where no one can see them?
Feelings need light
and care to grow,
take your heart into your hand
and do not hesitate to show them to me,
even if it is difficult for you.
I promise I will not laugh about you,
I want to know you better,
or I would not have given up myself to you.

Trust in me, please,
as I put my trust in you.




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