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  “Ka'arpaaj” by Ma'hal     (for the email address see the author's page)
Disclaimer:  All persons mentioned in this story are property of the owners of Earth: Final Conflict (Tribune Entertainment Co., Lost Script Prod. Inc., Atlantis Films and VOX). Please don't publish this story without permission of the author.
Plot:  Da'an meditates
Cast:  Da'an, Zo'or
Author's comment:  While reading this story, you should listen to the “Ka'arpaaj” song from the EFC Soundtrack.....
>...< are thoughts




Da'an looked up to the sky, where the three moons of his homeworld slowly moved towards each other. At the moment they met they seemed to form a union and sent out a brilliant flash of light. It hit the taelon, who there upon began floating. His whole existence, all his emotions and thoughts were focused at this moment of pure harmony and satisfaction. So he didn't notice the other taelon who had entered the simulation and was now watching him. The gaze resting on Da'an was cold and scornful.

>How miserable. He escapes into a world that doesn't exist anymore - unable to accept the truth.<

A peaceful smile lay on Da'ans face. The other taelon could sense his inner contentment within the commonality. He was unbelievably close to all of them, at the same time being completely focused on himself.

>Why is he doing this? Where is the sense? It is just a ridicules ritual. Only a weakling would hide into illusions, that will weaken him even more.<

“No. On the contrary, Zo'or. It gives me strength.” Totally lost in thoughts Zo'or hadn't realized that Da'an had ended his meditation and had turned around to face him. His gaze was even softer than usual and rested lovingly on the young taelon, though he felt the despising thoughts.

“How can you speak disparagingly about something you never experienced yourself?”

“Neither do I need nor do I want to experiences it!”

A smile crossed Da'an's face as he recognized the defiant undertone.

“You are evasive. Let me show you what you condemn.”

He raised his hand and gave him an insistent look. When Zo'or didn't react he gently grabbed his hand and guided it to his own. To his surprise there was no protest. The young Taelon simply watched him calmly. While Da'ans emotions were floating over Zo'or, the younger Taelon closed his eyes and slight blushes of blue became visible through his human fašade. When it was over he stood motionless, his eyes still closed and his palm pressed against Da'ans.

“Do you understand now?”

Da'ans melodic voice broke the magical silence. The eyes of the young Taelon opened and shot a piercing look into the almond stood eyes that were watching him with interested. As if suddenly awoken from a deep sleep he teared off his hand. Then he smiled as arrogantly and despisingly as before.

“It is exactly like I thought. An old-fashioned, useless ritual without any sense.”

For a while Da'an looked thoughtfully at his child and then he walked away calmly, with lowered head.

Zo'or watched until his parent had left and then began to take a look at the simulation. Beautiful flowers, the soothing colour of the purple sky. A beautiful world. A world that was already gone. A world he had never seen with his own eyes. It had been destroyed by the jaridians long before his existence had begun.

His tender hand stroked gently over a flower and his gaze wondered up to the sky, where the three moons had divided again. Each was a unique sight. He nearly lost himself in all this beauty and the emotions he had felt from Da'an. His human fašade vanished and the blue-violet coloured lines of his energy form became visible. His eyes met the hand that was touching the flower. The energy-flow of his body, its soft pulsing was completely coincide with the colours of the flowers. A relaxed smile developed on his face, when he raised his hands in front of his face and began to move them within the gleam of the moons.

But then suddenly his facial expression hardened again. He felt how the others in the commonality listened with curiosity and surprise at his thoughts. For a moment he had been too overwhelmed that the mental wall he had build up against them all the years had collapsed and his true emotions had been in the reach of the other taelons for the glimpse of a second. Quickly he locked himself again and listened to their voices. With relieve he sensed that they hadn't been able to find the spring of this emotions.




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