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  “What scares you, my love?” by Admara   (for the email address see the author's page
Disclaimer:  Earth: Final Conflict belongs to Tribune Entertainment Co., Lost Script Prod. Inc., Atlantis Films and VOX. Please don't publish this story without permission of the author.
Plot:  A Taelon has a vision of his future




He was slowly walking along the corridors of the creature they said to be the Mothership, all in thoughts of his plans to become exactly what he had longed for, for an eternity, so it seemed, as a door opened. He had not even known of this entrance. Where had it come from so suddenly? One thing was for sure he would not go around it. Moving even slower than usual, he peaked inside the completely dark room. There was nothing to be seen.
“You may enter.” A childish sounding voice echoed from the inside. He didn't know this voice, but it sounded like a child, a human child! What could such a little one be doing on the Mothership? Still he couldn't resist the temptation of entering. Behind him the door shut. With a quick but still elegant looking movement he turned. The door had vanished; he was staring at a wall.
“Who are you? I am not to be toyed with. Let me out!” Slight panic entered his mind. A cold wind swept through the room and as he looked down he could about make out the figure of a small child. A girl possibly, yes this was a girl. Doll like curls surrounded her sweet face. But the darkness of the room made it impossible for him to see more details.
“What scares you, my love?” Such a little one used so unsuitable words. What did this mean?

“I am not scared, neither am I “your love”. Why are you calling me that?” She carefully took his hand and led him over to a window which allowed them to view the Earth in all its beauty. “You wanted me to, my love. And you are scared. Be true to yourself. Don't try to hide your true nature, you won't succeed.”
He blushed blue. “I never told you to. And I am not scared. But don't you perhaps fear me?” The girl did not move a muscle. She seemed like a doll, didn't even move her lips while speaking.
“I have no reason to fear you. Look, and tell me what do you see?” He sniffed. She wasn't showing him anything new.
“Now, little one, do you even know who you are talking to?”
“Names aren't important, my love. I know you, that is enough.” He was confused. How could she possibly know him, without even knowing his name? He turned her round so they were now facing. He took a deep look into those eyes, but saw no reflection.
She laid her tiny hand on his cheek, as he blushed once again. “You're afraid of them, are you, my love? Be calm, you can't win. They are different. They have and always will be. You couldn't own them even if you tried. You may kill single ones, but you will never own them. Their minds are free.” He then turned away, letting her hand slip off his cheek. Why was she telling him this? He couldn't care less about these small-minded creatures.
“I don't like you calling me your love.”
“So? Well your soul cried out to me. And here I am. You longed for a love. Deep in your soul you know.”
Slowly but surely he was turning angry. She could not know even the slightest thing about him.

“No, I needn't to be bothered with feelings the humans may like to share. Love is no necessary feeling. It makes one weak. I don't see a reason for your coming.” His look turned to earth, again. The planet itself could be useful, but these creatures dwelling upon it hadn't earned it. He could make a better use of it. They were simply destroying it.
“These inferior creatures are like an infection to this planet. They are destroying their own home. I have no use of them.” She looked up to him; this doll was sternly not a smiling one. She had a hard punishing look.
“Ah, but you do need them. In all your longing for perfection you have forgotten that not even taelons are immortal. You are a dying race, my love. But be sure you will find what you are searching for nowhere, but here.”
His eyes started to narrow. Did she honestly suggest to bound with one of these so uncivilised creatures?! They had nothing that could be described as a useful quality. They killed each other without any reasons or regret.
“They are not in any case ready. It doesn't seem as if they would ever evolve to a point where we could possibly consider a bounding.” The little child looked up to him, now her mouth was turning into a horrid grin.
“Did I suggest that?” He didn't approve of this unpleasant look from a small child. To that, he did not like her making a fool out of him, still he tried to look as friendly as possible.
“So what are you suggesting then?”
“Now that is for me to know and for you to find out.”
“You are not helping me with your suggestions.” A little laugh passed through her body, but it stopped abrupt. She had not really laughed, was only pretending, and yet it had sounded so real as long as it had lasted. She turned a hard look on him.
“Did I say I was here to help you?”
“I've had enough of you making fun of me. Either you tell me who you are or I shall...” For the first time he actually didn't know how to threat someone.
“The question is not who I am, but who I shall be. I wouldn't be here if you had not called for my presence so soon.” Slanting his head side wards and slowly taking her hand he knelt down.
“Who you shall be in near future? You are ...I understand.” They were now on equal height, the child wrapped her arms around him, as he lost his façade. His hands crept up her body till they reached her hair, there they dwelled for quite a while, before pulling her closer.
He lost himself in her embrace. He felt her warmth, her spiritual being close to him, closer than any member of the Taelon synod had ever been. Now he knew.
Slowly freeing himself from her embrace, again looking into those bottomless seeming eyes he gasped. “So then be it, my love.”




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