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  “Light and Dark” by Snooty   (for the email address see the author's page)
Disclaimer:  Earth: Final Conflict © 2000, Tribune Entertainment Co., Lost Script Prod. Inc., Atlantis Films and VOX. Please don't publish this story without permission of the author.
Subject:  Zo'or's childhood
Cast:  Zo'or, [Da'an]




The days which followed were the most miserable Zo'or had ever endured. He accompanied the fleet. He could not have borne it to be left behind by his parent and to disappoint him again, but never had been the days so long and so fulfilled with cruelty.

All he knew were with him, but he had never felt so separated and could not understand nor approve what they were doing. He was not more than a child. Lost, lonely, unimportant and frightened. How should he felt connected with Taelons that manipulated, intrigued or interventioned in the lifes of others, that covered whole planets with pain and death. Only to regain, what they took from others. The war was the constant companion of this fleet.

At home when Da'an had spoken about it, everything had sounded so fame-rich, so nobly. The attention and the respect his parent received from the Synod flattered him, and he had done much to win his self-willed child for his plan and strategy. That had been Zo'or's chance to ascend in his parent's respect and to form an linkage, and like a drown he had grasped this possibility. Today it had been particularly bad, the battle ships had come from grey and green nebulas of the atmosphere from a planet and shot indiscriminately everything that has moved. A whole population had fled or at least tried to do so, in crowds they had been hunted, running in front of the ships. Fear in the eyes, many had held small children in their arms. They had never had a real chance, this primitive culture that busied itself still mainly with agriculture. Would the cries of the mother sound forever in his ears, would he ever forget the eyes of the dying child? The blue energy weapons had destroyed everything, nobody was still alive.

Sobbing threw Zo'or himself back and forth on his resting chair. Tomorrow, tomorrow morning he would speak with Da'an about it.

And so did the child.
With the years he learned to bear what happened. Then to approve and to support until he himself was the power behind the terrible acts. He had given up himself to become close to Da'an. Together they had worked in the name of the Synod.

But what had happened to Da'an on the planet earth?
He had again turned away from his child, and Zo'or did not had the strength to follow him. He remained on the dark path, which he had made to his own. While Da'an found his way back into the light.




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