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  „The Adventures of Applepie - The Twoleggy Lair” by Veria   (for Email address see author's page), June 2017
All persons mentioned in this story are property of the owners of Earth: Final Conflict (Tribune Entertainment Co., Lost Script Prod. Inc., Atlantis Films and VOX). Please don't publish this story without permission of the author.
Summary: A wet cat finds shelter.
Characters: Her, a furless twoleggy, a long-furred twoleggy, a see-through twoleggy

Note:  This story is part of the Adventskalender 2016.




It was cold and foggy, drops of water fell from the sky and shattered on the hard ground. A small manyleggy ran around and tried to evade the drops. It got hit and shook itself and then it went on its way again. It looked funny. She stood up, jumped on it and captured it between her paws.
Don't run away! I'm hungry, I just want to eat you!
She jumped again and pinned it down with her claws, then she quickly bit it and decided that it didn't taste quite so good. But it was crunchy, that was good. She swallowed and sat down, her bushy tail laid around her body.
A twoleggy ran around several jumps away, it had some kind of leaf above its head. That was smart, it did not get wet that way. But only the twoleggies could do that. They could hold things with one paw and do something else with the other.
But then, they did not have fur. They had to wrap things around them when it was cold or wet.
There was another twoleggy, it ran under the leaf of the first and together they went to the twoleggy lair and entered it.
The sky grumbled, more and more drops of water were falling on the ground. She felt it soaking through her fur. Best to find shelter.
She stood up and ran across the grass to the twoleggy lair. She knew there was a nice spot just a bit above the ground, and as soon as she was there, she jumped up and started cleaning herself. Those drops of water were tasty of course, but she didn't like them falling on her. They made her fur scrubby. It was good that the drops from the sky finally stopped.
“That structure anomaly must be here somewhere.” That was the noise of a twoleggy. They made very strange noises.
In fact there were two twoleggies. One of them didn't have any fur at all, not even on top of its head. Poor twoleggy, it must feel cold. The other one had very long dark fur on its head that looked very well cleaned.
“There it is. Why did it ...? Oh my ...”
The furless twoleggy waved its paw. “Ms Watson, is that an animal?”
“Yes, Da'an, this is a cat. Why did the embassy make a cave for it?”
“Likely because this cat is not suited for the current weather.”
The long-furred twoleggy came closer and leaned in. She lifted a paw, claws out, and hissed at it. “Oh, it seems to be afraid of me.” The twoleggy dug its paw in the wrap-around-thing and then put a small ball in front of her. She slowly made one step and smelled it, and it smelled tasty. So she quickly ate it in case the twoleggy wanted to take it back. “Now, that was good, wasn't it? Want some more?”
“What did you feed it? Is that healthy for a cat?” The furless twoleggy had a very strange voice, even for a twoleggy.
“Chicken sandwich, without the sandwich. It's a bit salty for a cat, but that small amount is no problem at all.” The long-furred twoleggy put another small ball in front of her and she ate it as well. Perhaps this twoleggy really was nice, she shouldn't have hissed at it.
She slowly came out of her spot and looked at the twoleggy's face. It had strange eyes with a round dot in the middle and it kept looking at her. That was very rude, but then of course twoleggies didn't know better. The other twoleggy, the one without fur, was polite. It looked at her, closed its eyes and then looked past her.
It was really strange though that it had glowing yarn under its furless skin.
“Do you know a place where this cat will be taken good care of?”
“I'm afraid the animal shelters are constantly full over capacity. We'd need to find a home for it, but that will take some time.”
The furless twoleggy waved its paw again. “Then I will allow it to live in the embassy until you find a place better suited for it.”
“Yes, Da'an.” The long-furred twoleggy slowly reached its forelegs in the cave and grabbed her with its paws, and then it pulled her out.
Had she been deceived? She tried to struggle herself free, but the twoleggy had its forelegs all around her. The twoleggy ran one of its paws over her fur, quite gently actually, so maybe it meant well after all. And the twoleggy's paws still smelled of those tasty tasty balls.
It carried her around the lair and inside, where it put her down on some kind of stub and gave her another tasty ball. She ate it quickly, then she looked up. Maybe the twoleggy had even more of that, so she kindly asked for it.
“Oh, sweet, it meows.”
She did get another tasty ball and ate it. Those were nice twoleggies.
“Ms Watson, I believe it is common to name ... pets. This cat would be a pet, do you agree?”
“Yes, and it's common to name pets. What do you want to name it? Or maybe we should first find out whether it's a boy or a girl.”
The furless twoleggy waved its paw. “Perhaps, yes. Do you know how to do that?”
“Well ... yes, but I doubt it would let me.” The long-furred twoleggy made a sound like wind in the trees. “We could give it a unisex name.”
“Please suggest a name, Ms Watson.”
Now the long-furred twoleggy again very rudely stared at her, then it made sounds again. “Hmm. Its color is like apple pie, so ... Applepie?”
The furless twoleggy bent down and politely looked at her. It knew how to behave. “If you say so. I have never named an Earth pet before.”
“It's a very sweet name, Da'an, and I do believe it is perfectly suitable.”
“Then I agree.” The furless twoleggy carefully touched her fur with its paws. “What do I have to know to take care of Applepie?”
The long-furred twoleggy gave her another tasty ball. “You'll need a litter box, and you'll have to provide Applepie with water and food.”
“I see.” The furless twoleggy waved its whole foreleg now.
Suddenly there was light in the air and a see-through twoleggy without legs was in the middle of it. Where did it come from? She jumped up and hissed at it, and as it did not go away she hit it with her claws. It was really strange, she could not touch it at all. She tried to get off the stub and hide somewhere, but the long-furred twoleggy grabbed her and gently ran its paw over her fur. And the seethrough twoleggy without legs just floated there like a feather in the wind and did nothing, maybe it wasn't even dangerous.
The furless twoleggy made noises. “Agent Lassiter, please purchase cat food and a litter box.”
“And litter.”
“Yes, please.”
The see-through twoleggy without legs was rude, it stared. But it made noises too. “Certainly, Da'an.” Then it vanished and the air was clean again. Very strange.
The long-furred twoleggy put her down on the stub again and, again, gave her a tasty ball. She decided that it was quite nice here, it was dry, there were tasty balls, and while only one of the twoleggies was polite, the other's touch was really pleasant. Since the twoleggies had brought her here it was safe to assume they wanted her to be here, then so be it. She was at home here now.
She asked for another tasty ball, and she got it.




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