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  “A day with Zo'or” by Sky   (for the email address see the author's page)
All persons mentioned in this story are property of the owners of Earth: Final Conflict, except for Ma'hal and Sky who belong to the Taelon Embassy to Germany. Please don't publish this story without permission of the author.
Plot:  Zo'or decides to learn more about humans
Setting: third season
Cast:  Zo'or, Sky [Sandoval, Ma'hal]
Author's notes:  Please don't expect too much, this is my very first fan fiction. You shouldn't take it too seriously
Thoughts are written in italics.




The morning began as usual. After a quick shower and a small breakfast I entered the embassy. My employer and boss - the German Companion Ma'hal - was already sitting in his chair. I greeted him in the Taelon way and waited for my instructions.
“Good morning, Agent Sky,” he said. “I've been awaiting you. Since we had slight problems with understanding your species before, Zo'or has decided to learn more about humanity. He has ordered several companion agents to show him aspects of human life. You have been appointed to this job as well. Zo'or expects your presence on board of the mothership in one hour.”

* * *

One hour later, on precisely the prescribed time, I arrived on the mothership. Zo'or was already waiting for me.

“Agent Sky, I suppose you have been informed about the reason for your presence here.”
“Yes, Zo'or.”
“Good. Then do not let us waste any time. I expect you to show me the meaning of... how shall I call it... fun.”
My throat began to contract and I was searching for words while seeing Zo'or becoming more and more impatient. “Fun?” was all I managed to say.
“Yes. I've noticed humans often behave strange, making jokes and laughing. Even during their work. They seem to enjoy it. I want to know why. I was informed by your physicians that laughing is good for humans. Please, show me fun.”
Oh my goodness, I thought, trying very hard to stay calm. “I suggest we should make a trip to... Disneyland.”
The words were out, and I half expected Zo'or to reprimand me for my boldness, but to my complete disbelief he agreed.

* * *

Half an hour later Zo'or, Sandoval and myself, accompanied by a group of volunteers, arrived at a place thousands of children dreamed of every night. It was not Disneyland, however, but another park build for pleasure. Sandoval has had picked this one for it was closed for one week due to necessary inspections. Fortunately, the owners had agreed to let Zo'or and his agents use it for one day. So there was no one to disturb Zo'or's ‚fun trip’. We entered the park and made our way to a roller coaster.

“What was this vehicle made for?” Zo'or demanded to know.
“This is a roller coaster. People are supposed to ride on it and...” my words wouldn't come again “... have fun.”
“Excellent. Let us give it a try.”
“But Zo'or,” Sandoval interjected, “this is not the proper place for the leader of the Synod.”
“Agent Sandoval, as you stated correctly, I am the leader. My decisions are not to be questioned,” Zo'or said and entered the coaster.
After the ride, Zo'or left the coaster with a slight, almost imperceptible smile on his face. I had seen him blushing blue during the ride. He had obviously been enjoying it. Sandoval on the contrary had only participated to protect Zo'or - from what? I wondered - and was beginning to turn pale.
“That was... interesting,” the Taelon agreed. “I wish to see more.”

We continued our walk and after several other attractions - which we all had a ride on, as Zo'or permanently insisted - we encountered a flying carpet. Sandoval was already looking very pale and was barely holding his composure.
“We will try this one,” Zo'or stated and already started to make his way to a seat at the very back of the vehicle. Sandoval followed obediently, silently cursing me for my ‚fabulous idea’ and trying to resist the urge to run to the next washroom. I took a place near Zo'or and the ride started.
After several minutes of all to visible pleasure on Zo'or's face the carpet stopped it's motion and Sandoval jumped out, rushing behind the next bush. Zo'or and I continued our walk to the last stop of our trip - a tunnel of horror.

The sun was already very low and was sending its red rays to Earth. If I had been around someone else, I might have called it a romantic sunset, but in the presence of Zo'or such thoughts did not occur to me.
“Why is it called a tunnel of horror?” Zo'or demanded to know.
My explanation was short and precise.
“I understand,” he said. “Taelons do not feel fear, and I am still having difficulties to believe that this might be what you call fun, but I wish to take this chance for another experience. Since it seems as if Agent Sandoval is unavailable, you will have to escort me.”
And while saying this, Zo'or took a place in the front of the waggon, leaving me the place on the back seat.

After a long ride with ghosts, cold air breezes, cobwebs and other things which Taelons do not need to fear we emerged from the tunnel and I began to wonder what might have happened if someone had replaced one of the ghosts with the image of a Jaridian. Unfortunately, no one has had this idea.
So we left and Zo'or gave me a meaningful look.
“I thank you for this very interesting day, Agent Sky. Although Taelons do not have the same need for fun as humans do, this place had been very... revealing. I will return to the mothership now, and you are free to leave for your embassy. I will contact you should I have any more questions on this subject. Good night.”

And then he entered his shuttle, with Sandoval - who had regained his composure in the meantime and was able to find his way back to the group - and the rest of the volunteers accompanying him, and they took off ...
... while the woman who had picked me up at the German embassy this morning delivered me safely back to my quarters, where I immediately sank into sleep dreaming of Taelons and roller coasters and laughter...




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