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Geschichten von Deona Lindholm


Single stories
Meeting in Moonlight


    Single stories

  • Emotion   [English]
    When a Taelon takes a human's emotions, he gets more than he bargained for. Just what is in his mind as he puts things to rights?
    [Setting: During “Essence” / Characters: Da'an, Liam)]



        Status: unfinished, will be continued

     Arc I - Gathering

  • Meeting in Moonlight:   Chapter 1  -  Chapter 2  -  Chapter 3  -  Chapter 4   [English]
    Mere days after arriving on Earth, an unexpected meeting between a human and a Taelon begins a much larger story
    [Setting: Aftermath of Silent Falls meltdown / Characters: Da'an, Mit'gai, Phenora, An'jil]
  • London Ladies:   Chapter 1  -  Chapter 2  -  Chapter 3  -  Chapter 4   [English]   NEW: Chapter 4
    During the events of “Meeting in Moonlight”, four young girls in London undergo testing as Songcrafter candidates.
    [Setting: Aftermath of Silent Falls meltdown / Characters: Elizabeth and Catherine Marks, Anna Newkirk, Abigail Kingsfield, An'or, Quo'on]










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